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Giro d'Italia 2020

Giro d'Italia

As a warm up to the main event, and to test the website as I've made a few changes, here is a competition based on the Giro d'Italia which runs from 5th-31st May.

What's changed? Well, if you didn't enter the Vuelta competition last year - everything has changed. The website has been redesigned to work perfectly (and rather selfishly) on an iPhone Max, however I'm hoping it works on all devices, as well as the good old fashioned laptop/PC's. Do let me know if not.


Your predictions page is now split between the completed/outstanding stages, to make it easier for you to see what stages you still have to pick for.

The rider selection page now allows you to filter on rider attributes. So if you're looking for a sprinter - you can filter to display only those. A word of warning though - attributes have been taken from Wikipedia so may not be 100% reliable.

You can also select "Bookies Favourites" from the rider selection page. When I remember, I will put the top 10 riders for each stage (accordingly to a reputable online bookie (if such a thing exists)) in there.

Rules regarding scoring and such like will remain unchanged.

Tuesday 18th February 2020 13:10:34 pm GMT

Competition Info

The entry fee is £10.00 (or local currency equivalent).

Prizes will be confirmed once the number of paid entries is known.

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