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How to Play

Simply pick a different rider in each of the 21 stages of the event.

You can update your riders throughout the event, although your selection for each stage will be frozen at 10:30 BST (09:30 GMT) each morning.

The time recorded by your selected rider in their named stage will be added to your total time. The aim of the game is to complete all 21 stages in the shortest possible time.

If you fail to select a rider, or your selected rider fails to post a time in their named stage the time recorded against your entry will be that of the slowest rider selected by any player in this competion for that stage.

There are 2 competitions in play here;

General Classification

The winning entry will be the person that completes all stages in the shortest aggregate time (all 21 stage times combined).

Stage Winners

The winning entry will be the person that predicts the most stage winners. Where scores are tied, the number of second positions are taken into account, then third positions if necessary.

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